October 2019, Chomutov

When Mr. Laňka, the chairman of the fellowship of owners in Chomutov, left for work in the morning, he had no idea what would await him that day. At 11 o'clock, terrified neighbour who was on maternity leave phoned him that water was dripping from her ceiling. It took only three hours for the water from burst water hose under the kitchen sink to get from the flat on the 11th floor to the 2nd floor, where the unfortunate neighbour lives.

„As we were in work, the caretaker and me could not answer the phone immediately. So it took us an hour to get home, find out what had happened, and close the riser. However, the water has already flowed into our fellowship office on the ground floor and thus basically flooded out the entire block of flats”, says Mr. Laňka.

“When the flat owner arrived at about 2 pm, he was on the verge of tears when he saw the terrible mess caused by the water in his flat and in ten other flats below it.” The total damage to fellowship’s property was approximately 30 thousand crowns and over half a million crowns to other flats. Fortunately, the flat owner was insured“ adds Mr. Laňka.

However, the worst for flat owners was still to come. The mess left by the water had to be removed. All day long, the flat owners moved their furniture, wiped and dried their floors. Yet most of them could not be saved. A few days after, the laminate floors rose and became disjoint and the furniture swelled and came apart. Most rooms have to be also repainted.

And the culprit? So-called armoured hose, which almost everyone has at home. Although these hoses are called “armoured”, their resistance is far from that of armour. In fact, they are made of rubber, and only the outer wire, with which they are braided, is made of stainless steel. These materials degrade over time and the hose bursts.

“On the advice of a plumber, the flat owner gradually had all the hoses in his flat replaced with stainless-steel hoses. Unfortunately, not everyone has the same approach to this problem and has the hoses in his flat replaced. The costs per 1 housing unit are approximately CZK 3,500”, concludes Mr. Laňka.

Why ordinary household hoses burst

According to the Czech Insurance Association, so-called water damage belongs among most frequently reported events. And just burst water hoses represent one of most common causes. Up to 25% of Czech households already have this unpleasant experience.

In our households, we usually have at least six water hoses – for mixing taps under washbasin and sink, for toilet cistern and for washing machine. Czech households usually use rubber hoses with wire braid.

Their lifespan is five to ten years. Don't be fooled by the fact that they look intact at the first sight. The hoses are often exposed to high water pressure, which can literally tear them up. And contact with moisture and cleaning agents is especially dangerous. You should regularly check the braiding of hoses. If you feel a prickly wire when you touch the hose with hand, you must replace the hose immediately.

100% safe stainless-steel hoses

MERABELL, stainless-steel pliable corrugated tubing can provide a solution. They are made entirely of high-quality surgical steel, which is immune to these influences. The innovative stainless-steel corrugated material is perfectly resistant to water pressure and the clear PVC jacket protects it against cleaning agents. Their lifespan corresponds at least to that of whole building. So you only need to replace them once and you're done.